High Purity Silver Powder

High Purity Silver Powder

SAT NANO large -scale high purity silver powder manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in metal powder for many years. Our products have a good price and good quality, is popular over 30 countries. We look forward to becoming your long term partner.

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Product Description

Wholesale SAT NANO High Purity Silver Powder From China Factory

High purity silver powder refers to finely divided silver particles that are produced with a high degree of purity. It is commonly used in various industries, including electronics, jewelry, and chemical applications.
SAT NANO High purity silver powder typically has a purity level of 99.9% or higher, with some grades reaching 99.999% purity. The particle size of the powder can vary depending on the intended application, ranging from a few micrometers to submicron or nanoscale dimensions.

High Purity Silver Powder

nano spherical powder silver as the total new anti-infection product, can be widely used as additive in various paper, textile and plastics for anti-bacterial and anti-virus.

0.1% nanno layer silver sterile powder can bacteriostatic and kill escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and other various causative organism.

As the total new anti-infection product, it is broad spectrum, non-talerance, not affected by the PH, permanent antibacterial, free-oxidize, etc. It is successfully used on the architecture, preservation of cultural rellics and medical product.

High Purity Silver Powder

Specification of high purity silver powder:

Part No. Particle Purity
Bulk density
Crystal Color
MP47-20N 20nm >99.99 30 0.5 10.5 Spherical black
MP47-80N 80nm >99.99 20 1.2 10.5 Spherical black
MP47-1U 1um >99.99 10 2.65 10.5 Spherical grey
MP47-5U 5um >99.99 8 2.85 10.5 Near Spherical grey

Note: We can supply different size products of high purity silver powder according to client's requirements.

Application of high purity silver powder:

1. Antibacterial virus: approximately 0.1% of the nano silver on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus staphylococcus and other dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms has a strong inhibitory and killing effect.

2. Adding nickel, silver's anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion coatings can also be applied in the protection of cultural relics.

3. Silver nanoparitcles used for preparation of the production of microelectronic components wiring, packaging, connectors.

4. Silver nanopowder is used to produce electronic slurry of microelectronic devices and circuit miniaturization.

5. Efficient catalysts: Silver nano powder used as catalyst, high efficiency, selectivity, and can be used in the reaction process of methanol synthesis catalyst CO2 and H and the like.

High Purity Silver PowderHigh Purity Silver Powder

How do I put my order to buy your goods?

Please send your enquiry to our sales first, our sales with contact with you about the products. When you confirm your order, we will send our Proforma Invoice via email for you. You can pay it by bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. We will send the products by FedEx, UPS and DHL after we got the payment.

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