Tungsten Copper Alloy Powder

SAT NANO is professional China Tungsten copper alloy powder manufacturer and China Tungsten copper alloy powder suppliers.We have specialized in metal nanoparticle, carbide nanoparticle, oxide nanoparticle and alloy nanoparticle for 12 years and exported our products to more than 30 countries with strong technical support, good quality and services.
Nano copper tungsten alloy powder is a type of nanomaterial with unique advantages and benefits. Firstly, it has a high surface area to volume ratio, which can significantly enhance its mechanical properties, electrical conductivity and thermal stability. Secondly, it possesses improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance compared to traditional copper and tungsten alloys due to its nanostructure. Thirdly, nano copper tungsten alloy powder also exhibits high catalytic activity and selectivity, making it a promising material for catalytic applications. Moreover, its unique properties have led to its application in various fields such as electronics, aerospace, and biomedicine. Overall, nano copper tungsten alloy powder has a promising market outlook due to its versatile advantages and potential for future innovation.
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  • One of the main characteristics of SAT NANO Tungsten Copper Alloy Particle is its high strength and wear resistance. It is used as a material for manufacturing engine parts, such as pistons and cylinders, as well as for cutting tools, such as end mills and drills. Its high thermal conductivity makes it suitable for use in electronic devices, such as heat sinks and LED packaging materials.

SAT NANO has been producing Tungsten Copper Alloy Powder for many years and is one of the professional high quality Tungsten Copper Alloy Powder manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. You can buy products from our factory. Products with cheap price or low price is of high quality. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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