Single layer graphene powder

Single layer graphene powder

SAT NANO has been specializing in the production of single layer graphene powder for over a decade and is an excellent supplier in China. Single Graphene has high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, easy lubrication, corrosion resistance, thin sheet and large to thick ratio etc. SAT NANO supply single layer graphene powder0.6-1.2um with 99% purity, we offer high quality and affordable price, which is deeply loved by customers.

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Product Description

single layer graphene Powder

Nano Graphene powder is a material formed by the aggregation of graphene nanosheets, which has many unique characteristics and wide applications. The following is an introduction to the characteristics and uses of graphene powder:


1.Single layer structure:Nano Graphene powder is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, with a two-dimensional structure and a thickness only at the atomic level, exhibiting excellent mechanical properties and strength.

2.High conductivity: Nano Graphene has extremely high conductivity and is one of the best known conductive materials. Its high electron migration rate has the potential for widespread application in the field of electronic devices.

3.High thermal conductivity: Nano Graphene has excellent thermal conductivity and extremely high thermal conductivity, making it widely applicable in the fields of thermal management and heat dissipation.

4.Transparency: Nano Graphene has high light transmittance and excellent transparency in the visible and infrared regions, making it suitable for applications in flexible displays, solar cells, and other fields.

single layer graphene Powder

Specification of single layer graphene Powder:

CAS No: 1034343-98



purity: 99%

Single layer ratio:>99%

Appearance: black powder

Note:We can supply different size products of graphene powderaccording to client's requirements.

Application of single layer graphene Powder:

1.Electronic devices: Graphene powder can be used to prepare high-performance electronic devices, such as field-effect transistors, integrated circuits, etc. Its high conductivity and high electron migration rate make it a powerful candidate material for the next generation of electronic devices.

2.Energy storage device: Graphene powder can be applied to energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors to improve their energy storage density and charging and discharging speed.

3.Thermal conductive material: Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, graphene can be used to prepare high-performance heat dissipation materials, thermal conductive films, and improve the heat dissipation performance of electronic devices.

4.Optoelectronic devices: Graphene has excellent light transmittance and conductivity, and can be applied in fields such as transparent conductive films and flexible optoelectronic devices, such as flexible displays and electronic inks.

5.Biopharmaceutical applications: Graphene has broad application potential in the field of biomedicine, such as biosensors, drug delivery systems, cell imaging, etc.

single layer graphene Powdersingle layer graphene Powder

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