graphene oxide dispersion

graphene oxide dispersion

SAT NANO has been specializing in the production of single layer graphene oxide dispersion for over a decade and is an excellent supplier in China. Single layer Graphene oxide dispersion applications covering the energy industry fuel cell hydrogen storage material, porous catalyst carrier synthetic chemical industry, conductive plastics, conductive coatings and construction industries and other aspects of fire retardant materials. SAT NANO supply single layer graphene oxide dispersion 0.5-5um with 99% purity, we offer high quality and affordable price, which is deeply loved by customers.

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Product Description

graphene oxide dispersion

Oxidized graphene refers to a material made by oxidizing and modifying the surface of graphene. Graphene oxide dispersion is a stable liquid formed by suspending graphene oxide in a solution, which has the following characteristics:

(1) Contains abundant oxygen-containing functional groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, and epoxy groups;

(2) Easy to graft modify, can be in-situ compounded with composite materials, thereby endowing the composite materials with properties such as conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reinforcement;

(3) Compared to powder like, graphene oxide aqueous solution has a higher monolayer rate.

graphene oxide dispersion

Specification of graphene oxide dispersion:

Graphene oxide layer:1-3 layers

Graphene oxide  content:1%, 2%,5%

Solvent:Deionized water

Viscosity:Non-Newtonian fluid, in the form of a paste, thinned after shearing

Note: We can supply different size products of graphene oxide dispersion according to client's requirements.

Application of graphene oxide dispersion:

1. High dispersibility: Graphene oxide dispersion can greatly improve its dispersibility, making it easier for materials to absorb and utilize.

2. Super strong adsorption and catalytic effect: The surface of graphene oxide contains a large number of functional groups such as carboxyl and aldehyde groups, which have strong adsorption and catalytic properties and can be applied in fields such as coatings and catalysts.

3. Biomedical applications: Graphene oxide dispersions have good biocompatibility and are expected to be applied in the biomedical field, such as preparing biosensors and nanomedicines.

4. Transparency: Graphene oxide dispersion has good transparency and can be applied in fields such as transparent conductive materials and solar cells.

5. Electrical performance: Graphene oxide dispersion has good conductivity and can be used to prepare conductive paper, high-energy density capacitors, etc.

Overall, graphene oxide dispersion is a dispersion with many potential applications in electronics, materials, biomedicine, and other fields, with broad application prospects. At the same time, this dispersion can also be used in other fields such as catalysis, coatings, anti-corrosion, etc.

graphene oxide dispersiongraphene oxide dispersion

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