Silicon Nitride Nanopowder

Silicon Nitride Nanopowder

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Silicon nitride nanopowder in China. silicon nitride nanoparticles possess high strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and electrical insulating properties. They find applications in ceramics, composites, cutting tools, wear-resistant coatings, energy storage, catalyst supports, and biomedical fields. The Silicon nitride nanopowder produced by SAT NAO is best-selling in various countries around the world.

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Product Description

Silicon Nitride Nanopowder

Silicon nitride nanoparticles, also known as silicon nitride nanopowders, are fine powders composed of silicon and nitrogen atoms. They exhibit unique characteristics that make them highly desirable in various applications. Silicon nitride nanoparticles have excellent mechanical properties, including high strength and hardness. This makes them a suitable choice for applications that require materials with exceptional resistance to wear, fracture, and thermal stress. Silicon nitride nanoparticles have a high melting point and excellent thermal stability, allowing them to withstand high temperatures without significant degradation. This property makes them ideal for use in high-temperature applications, such as refractory materials and thermal barrier coatings.

Silicon Nitride Nanopowder

Specification of Silicon nitride nanopowder:

Part No. Particle Purity
Bulk density
Crystal Color
NP14C07D-20N 20nm 99.9 93 0.09 3.4 amorphous grey white
NP14C07D-50N 50nm 99.9 25 1.23 4.8 amorphous grey white
CP2206-1U 1-3um 99.9 10 3.24 4.8 Beta grey white

Application of Silicon nitride nanopowder:

Ceramics and composites: Silicon nitride nanoparticles are commonly used as additives in ceramic materials to improve their mechanical strength, toughness, and thermal shock resistance. They are also incorporated into composites to enhance their mechanical and thermal properties.

Cutting tools and wear-resistant coatings: Due to their exceptional hardness and wear resistance, silicon nitride nanoparticles are utilized in the production of cutting tools and wear-resistant coatings. This improves the durability and performance of tools used in industries such as metalworking and machining.

Advanced energy storage: Silicon nitride nanoparticles have been explored for use in advanced energy storage systems, such as lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. They can enhance the performance and stability of these energy storage devices.

Catalyst supports: Silicon nitride nanoparticles are used as catalyst supports in various catalytic processes. Their high surface area allows for efficient catalytic reactions, leading to enhanced reaction rates and selectivity.

Silicon Nitride NanopowderSilicon Nitride Nanopowder

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