Micron TiB2 Powder

Micron TiB2 Powder

Micron TiB2 Powder is a type of nanomaterial that has unique properties. It is composed of titanium and boron elements and has a very small particle size. Micron TiB2 Powder has broad application prospects in various fields, such as automobiles, aerospace, noise reduction materials, and nanomaterials, due to its high hardness, high-temperature stability, low density, and excellent conductivity. SAT NANO supply Micron TiB2 Powder 1-3um, 5um with 99.5% purity.

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Product Description

SAT NANO large -scale Micron TiB2 Powder manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in Micron TiB2 Powder for many years. Our products have a good price and good quality, is popular over 30 countries. We look forward to becoming your long term partner.

Micron TiB2 Powder

Titanium diboride powder is a new type of ceramic material composed of titanium and boron elements, which has the following characteristics and uses:


High hardness: Titanium diboride powder has high hardness, similar to hard diamond, and has good wear and corrosion resistance.

High temperature stability: Titanium diboride powder has good stability at high temperatures and can operate in high-temperature environments.

Low density: Titanium diboride powder has a lower density compared to steel, and has excellent compressive properties.

Excellent conductivity: Titanium diboride powder has excellent conductivity, mainly related to its electronic structure.

Micron TiB2 Powder

Specification of Micron TiB2 Powder :

Part No. Particle Purity
Bulk density
Crystal Color
BP2205B-5U 5um 99.5 20 1.2 4.5 Spherical black
BP2205B-1U 1-3um 99.5 30 0.9 4.5 Spherical black

Application of Micron TiB2 Powder :

Automotive manufacturing: Titanium diboride powder is widely used in the field of automotive manufacturing, and can be used to make high-strength, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant components, such as engine valves and valve seats.

Aerospace manufacturing: Titanium diboride powder can also be used in the aerospace field, such as manufacturing brake materials that have the ability to withstand high temperatures, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Noise reduction: Titanium diboride powder can also be used to manufacture noise reduction materials, for example, when manufacturing vehicle brake pads, casting titanium diboride can significantly reduce noise.

In terms of nanomaterials: The nanomaterials prepared from titanium diboride powder have important applications in fields such as photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, supercapacitors, catalysts, etc.

Micron TiB2 PowderMicron TiB2 Powder

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