Dendritic silver coated copper powder

Dendritic silver coated copper powder

SAT NANO dendritic Silver coated copper powder has a range of potential uses. The dendritic silver coated copper powder has good conductivity and can be made into various conductive, electromagnetic shielding and other products. Dendritic Silver coated copper powder is available for 1-3um, 5um, 10um, high purity 99.9%, Morphology: spherical, flake, dendritic. Please feel free to check the specification.

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Product Description

Dendritic Silver coated copper powder

Silver coated copper powder, also known as silver copper powder or ultrafine silver coated copper powder. At present, it is the most widely used powder in the field of shielding conductivity. Our company has developed and produced silver coated copper powder with good conductivity, low resistivity, high dispersibility, and high stability based on market demand and years of research.

Our company's silver coated copper powder adopts advanced chemical plating technology. The silver coating with different thicknesses is formed on the surface of silver coated copper powder, and after certain molding and treatment processes, the ultrafine powder with uniform particle size and excellent oxidation resistance is obtained, which is an ideal conductive powder.

Dendritic Silver coated copper powder

Product name: Dendritic Silver coated copper powder

Particle size:  1-3um, 5um, 10um

Silver content: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, etc

Morphology: spherical, flake, dendritic

Application of dendritic silver coated copper powder:

Dendritic silver coated copper powder has many application advantages; Ultrafine dendritic silver coated copper powder has a large specific surface area and good antioxidant performance; Ordinary dendritic silver coated copper powder has good compression deformation and good three-dimensional conductivity. This not only overcomes the defect of copper powder being easily oxidized, but also solves the problem of silver powder being expensive and easy to migrate. It has the characteristics of good conductivity, high chemical stability, difficulty in oxidation, and low price, making it a highly conductive filler with great development prospects. Silver coated copper powder has a small particle size and can reach sub micron level.

Dendritic Silver coated copper powder, as a good high conductivity filler, can be added to coatings (paint), adhesives (adhesives), inks, polymer slurries, plastics, rubber, etc. It can be made into various conductive and electromagnetic shielding products, and is widely used in various industrial sectors such as electronics, electromechanical, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons, and other conductive and electromagnetic shielding fields. Conductive and electromagnetic shielding of electronic, electrical, and communication products such as computers, mobile phones, electronic medical equipment, electronic instruments and meters.

Dendritic Silver coated copper powderDendritic Silver coated copper powder

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