Aluminum Nanopowder

Aluminum Nanopowder

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Aluminum nanopowder in China. Aluminum nanopowder has high specific surface area, good mechanical properties, high activity, good electrical conductivity. Aluminum nanopowder has many outstanding characteristics and is widely used in catalysis, preparation of new materials, rocket fuel, explosives and so on. The Aluminum nanopowder produced by SAT NAO is best-selling in various countries around the world.

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Product Description

Aluminum Nanopowder

Aluminum nanopowder, also known as nano Al powder, is a type of aluminum powder with particle sizes ranging from 10 to 100 nanometers. It has unique characteristics such as high reactivity, high specific surface area, and good mechanical properties.

Aluminum Nanopowder

Specification of Aluminum nanopowder:

Part No. Particle Purity
Bulk density
Crystal Color
MP13-50N 50nm 99.9 20 0.1 2.7 Spherical black
MP13-100N 100nm 99.9 15 2 2.7 Spherical black
MP13-1U 1-3um 99.9 9 4.2 2.7 Spherical grey black

Note: We can supply different size products of Aluminum nanopowder according to client's requirements.

Application of Aluminum nanopowder:

The main applications of Aluminum nanopowder include the production of energetic materials, catalysis, solid propellants, and coatings. In the field of energetic materials, Aluminum nanopowder can be used as an additive to improve combustion efficiency and enhance energy release. In catalysis, it can serve as a catalyst support or a co-catalyst in various chemical reactions. Additionally, it can also be used as a coating material to improve the performance of surfaces, such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

The unique properties of Aluminum nanopowder are attributed to the effects of its small particle size and large surface area. These effects can greatly promote the reactivity and surface interaction with surrounding materials. Therefore, with its superior properties and various applications, nano aluminum powder has become an important material in many fields, and its demand is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Aluminum NanopowderAluminum Nanopowder

How do I put my order to buy your goods?

Please send your enquiry to our sales first, our sales will contact with you about the products. When you confirm your order, we will send our Proforma Invoice via email for you. You can pay it by bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. We will send the products by FedEx, UPS and DHL after we got the payment.

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