5um 3D Printing Copper Powder

5um 3D Printing Copper Powder

5um 3D Printing Copper Powder is a type of metal powder that has been specifically designed for use in 3D printing applications. One of its main characteristics is its high thermal conductivity which makes it an ideal material for applications that require heat transfer. Additionally, it has excellent electrical conductivity making it an ideal material in electronics and electrical applications.

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Product Description

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of 3D Printing Copper Powder in China. Its 3D printing copper powder is of high quality, affordable, and best-selling worldwide. Printing copper powder using 3D printing technology can achieve customized and complex designs. 3D Printing Copper Powder can be used to manufacture parts with high strength and good conductivity.

5um 3D Printing Copper Powder

3D printing copper powder is a technology that applies copper powder to 3D printing, with the following characteristics and applications:


Plasticity: 3D printed copper powder has good plasticity and can be easily printed into various shapes.

High precision: Copper powder 3D printing technology has very high accuracy and can print very complex structures and parts.

Corrosion resistance: Due to the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of copper, parts made with 3D printed copper powder have excellent durability and reliability.

High conductivity: Copper is a good conductive material, and 3D printed copper powder can be used to manufacture conductive devices.

5um 3D Printing Copper Powder

Specification of 3D Printing Copper Powder:

Product name: 3D printing copper powder
MF: Cu
Purity: 99.9%
Particel size: 5um, 30um
Shape: Spherical type
CAS No: 7440-50-8
ENINEC No: 231-159-6

Note: We can supply different size products of 3D Printing Copper Powder according to client's requirements.

Application of 3D printing copper powder:

Manufacturing complex structures and high-precision metal components: 3D printing copper powder technology can produce highly precise and structurally complex metal parts and components, suitable for manufacturing precision metal components required in various mechanical and electronic equipment.

Manufacturing conductive devices: Copper has good conductivity, and 3D printing copper powder technology can produce electronic devices with good conductivity.

Manufacturing decorations and artworks: 3D printing copper powder technology can also be used to manufacture various decorations and artworks, such as copper carvings.

In summary, 3D printing copper powder has a wide range of characteristics and applications, which can be applied in the manufacturing of mechanical and electronic equipment, conductive device manufacturing, as well as in the fields of art and decoration.

5um 3D Printing Copper Powder5um 3D Printing Copper Powder

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