Spherical refractory vanadium powder

Spherical refractory vanadium powder

SAT NANO Spherical refractory vanadium powder has a range of potential uses. The main characteristics of Spherical refractory vanadium powder are high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good processing and deformation properties. Spherical refractory vanadium powder is available for 5-25um, 15-45um, 15-53um, 45-75um, 45-105um, 75-150um.


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Product Description

Spherical refractory vanadium powder

Spherical vanadium powder is a type of metal powder processed from vanadium metal materials, and its particle size can be adjusted according to the needs of the application. Spherical vanadium powder has the following characteristics in application:

1.Excellent strength: Vanadium metal is an excellent strength material with higher strength than steel, which is sufficient to cope with some high-strength and high toughness engineering applications.

2.Good corrosion resistance: Vanadium metal has stable chemical properties and can maintain good corrosion resistance in various corrosive environments.

3.Good biocompatibility: Vanadium metal has weak reactivity in the human body and can be used in the manufacturing of medical devices such as heart valves.

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Product name: Spherical refractory vanadium powder

Size:5-25um, 15-45um, 15-53um, 45-75um, 45-105um, 75-150um (various particle sizes can be customized according to customer requirements)



V Al Ca Cu Si Cr Fe others C O
Balance 0.0041% <0.001% <0.005% <0.028% <0.001% <0.0069% <0.05% <0.006% <0.2%

Application of Spherical refractory vanadium powder :

Based on the above characteristics, the main uses of spherical vanadium powder are as follows:

1.Used for manufacturing alloys: Spherical vanadium powder can be mixed with other metal materials to produce excellent alloy materials, widely used in aerospace, aerospace manufacturing, chemical and other fields.

2.Used for manufacturing vanadium alloy catalysts: Vanadium alloy catalysts have the characteristics of high efficiency and activity, and are widely used in fields such as chemistry, medicine, and biological manufacturing.

3.Biomedical field: Spherical vanadium powder can be used to make medical devices such as artificial heart valves, dental implants, artificial joints, and visceral stents.

4.In the field of electronic materials, spherical vanadium powder can be applied to the preparation of electronic materials, such as manufacturing high-performance capacitors, resistors, and superconducting materials.

Packaging of Spherical refractory vanadium powder

Vacuum packaging, 1 kg/pack, 2 kg/pack; Inner plastic bag and iron drum packaging: 25kg/drum; Special packaging can be provided according to customer requirements.

Spherical refractory vanadium powder Spherical refractory vanadium powder

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