Silicon carbide whisker powder

Silicon carbide whisker powder

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of silicon carbide whisker powder in China. Silicon carbon whisker powder has high specific surface area, unique magnetic properties, electrical properties and so on. silicon carbide whiskers have broad application potential in fields such as power electronic devices, high-temperature sensors, ceramic composites, and thermal management due to their high heat resistance, high hardness, and excellent electrical properties. We supply silicon carbide whisker powder diameter D 0.1-2.5 um. Length 10-50um

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Product Description

Silicon carbide whisker

Silicon carbide whiskers are nanostructures composed of silicon carbide (SiC), which have many characteristics and wide applications. The following are the main characteristics and uses of silicon carbide whiskers:


1. High heat resistance: Silicon carbon whisker powders have extremely high heat resistance and can operate in high-temperature environments. It has a melting point of up to 2700 degrees Celsius and can withstand extreme high temperature conditions, thus exhibiting excellent performance in high-temperature applications.

2. High hardness: Silicon carbide whiskers are a very hard material, with a hardness close to that of diamonds, and still have a high hardness under high temperature conditions. This gives silicon carbide whiskers advantages in applications that require high strength and wear resistance.

3. Excellent chemical stability: Silicon carbide whiskers have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and other chemical substances, and are not susceptible to chemical corrosion. Therefore, they have good stability in highly corrosive environments.

4. Excellent thermal conductivity: Silicon carbide whiskers have high thermal conductivity and can effectively heat transfer. This makes it very useful in high-temperature thermal conductive materials, radiators, and thermal management applications.

5. Excellent electrical performance: Silicon carbide whiskers have excellent conductivity and semiconductor properties, and can be applied in fields such as electronic devices, power devices, and sensors.

Silicon carbide whisker

Product name: Silicon carbide whisker

Molecular formula: SIC

Particle size: diameter D 0.1-2.5 um. Length 10-50um

Purity: 99%

Appearance: Grey green solid powder

Crystal form: cubic

Application of Silicon carbide whisker powder:

1. Power electronic devices: Silicon carbide whiskers are widely used in the field of power electronic devices due to their high heat resistance and excellent electrical properties. For example, silicon carbide whiskers can be applied to manufacture power devices such as high-voltage switches, power converters, and energy-saving circuits.

2. High temperature sensor: Due to the high heat resistance and excellent chemical stability of silicon carbide whiskers, they can be used to manufacture high temperature sensors for measuring and monitoring physical and chemical parameters in high-temperature environments.

3. Ceramic composite materials: Silicon carbide whiskers can be added to the ceramic matrix to form ceramic composite materials, in order to improve the strength, hardness, and wear performance of the material. These composite materials are commonly used for manufacturing high-performance ceramic cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, and structural components.

4. Thermal management materials: Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of silicon carbide whiskers, they can be applied to thermal conductive materials and radiators. It can be used to prepare efficient thermal interface materials, improve heat transfer efficiency, and be used for thermal management of electronic devices, LEDs, and high-power electronic components.

5. Optical materials: Due to the high hardness and good thermal stability of silicon carbide whiskers, they can be used for the preparation of optical materials. Silicon carbide whiskers can be used for applications such as optical lenses, optical windows, and infrared lenses, with high refractive index and low scattering index.

Silicon carbide whiskerSilicon carbide whisker

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