NiTi50 spherical nickel titanium alloy powder

NiTi50 spherical nickel titanium alloy powder

SAT NANO Nickel titanium alloy powder has a range of potential uses. NiTi50 spherical nickel titanium alloy powder has a unique shape memory effect, biocompatibility, superelasticity and excellent wear resistance. Nickel titanium alloy powder is available for 15-53um, high purity 99.9%, Ratio: Ni: Ti=50:50. Please feel free to check the specification.

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Product Description

Nickel titanium alloy powder

Nickel titanium alloy powder

Product name: Nickel titanium alloy powder

Particle size and purity: 15-53 microns, 99.9%

Appearance: Black

Nickel titanium ratio: 50:50

Applicable process

Powder can be used for selective laser melting (SLM), electron beam melting (EBM), laser direct deposition (DLD), powder metallurgy (PM), injection molding (MIM), laser cladding and other processes.

Application of NiTi50 spherical nickel titanium alloy powder:

Nickel titanium alloy (NiTi50) is widely used as a biological implant material due to its unique superelasticity, shape memory, good biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance.

1. High sphericity, excellent fluidity, good powder spreading effect, and good printing and molding quality.

2. Uniform particle size distribution, high stacking density, high density of printed parts, few pores, and good polishing effect.

3. Low oxygen content is more conducive to improving the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of formed parts.

Nickel titanium alloy powderNickel titanium alloy powder

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