Nano Silver copper alloy powder AgCu alloy nanoparticle

Nano Silver copper alloy powder AgCu alloy nanoparticle

SAT NANO Nano Nano Silver copper alloy powder AgCu alloy nanoparticle has a range of potential uses. Ag-Cu alloy is high electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance. It can be used in conductive paste for electronics, high speed rails, motor control units etc. Nano Silver copper alloy powder is available for 20nm, 50nm, 100nm, 5um, 10um high purity 99.9%, Ratio: Ag: Cu=97:3, 72:28. Please feel free to check the specification.

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Product Description

Nano Silver copper alloy powder

Nano Silver copper alloy powder

Product name: Nano silver copper alloy

Particle size: 20nm, 50nm, 80nm, 100nm, adjustable particle size

Ag: Cu=97:3, 72:28, adjustable ratio

Purity: 99.9%+

Morphology: nearly spherical

Appearance: Generally brownish brown or brownish black depending on the content

Packaging: Vacuum packaging, double layer anti-static bag, 100g, 200g, 500g in one package or as required

Brand:SAT Nano

Application: When used as a conductive paste, it can save the amount of silver used; Preparation of solder paste and so on.

Application of Nano Silver copper alloy powder AgCu alloy nanoparticle:

Silver copper alloy powder is a powder material made by mixing silver and copper in a certain proportion. Its main characteristics include higher hardness and strength, good conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Due to its excellent conductivity, silver copper alloy powder is widely used in the field of electrical engineering, such as the preparation of electrical contacts, wire materials, and contactors. Silver copper alloy powder can also be used in the manufacturing of jewelry, jewelry, metal coatings, etc. to increase decorative effects and enhance material strength and durability.

In addition, silver copper alloy powder is also widely used in manufacturing processes. It can be processed into various shapes of parts or products through powder metallurgy technology, such as gears, racks, bearings, copper based alloy materials, etc. Silver copper alloy powder has good processability and plasticity, and can be easily manufactured into components or products with different shapes, sizes, and uses. It is a very important metal powder material.

Nano Silver copper alloy powderNano Silver copper alloy powder

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