Nano Platinum dispersion

Nano Platinum dispersion

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Nano Platinum dispersion in China. Nano Platinum dispersion is a liquid product formed by dispersing nano Platinum particle in a solution. Precious metal has excellent catalytic performance, but for nanopowders some customers have difficulty in disperse the powders well to make the nanopowders play good effect, by supply nano Platinum Water Dispersion, customer can use them very convenient. Powder and dispertion are available. We can supply 20nm, 100-10000ppm content.

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Product Description

Nano Platinum dispersion

Nano Platinum dispersion

Specification of Nano Platinum dispersion:

Product name: Nano Platinum dispersion

Molecular formula: Pt

Particle size: 20nm, 30-50nm, customizable

Appearance: black liquid

Concentration: 1000-10000PPM, or as required

Packaging: 1kg/bottle, 5kg/barrel, or as required

Application of Nano Palladium dispersion:

1. Nano Platinum dispersion is a catalyst that can improve the efficiency of some important chemical reactions. Carbon-supported platinum-based electrocatalytic materials have been widely used in the cathode reduction and anodic oxidation reactions of fuel cells.

2. Methanol fuel cell is a proton exchange membrane fuel cell that uses methanol as a liquid fuel. It not only has the advantages of abundant fuel sources, low cost, convenient and safe storage and transportation, but also methanol has high energy density and has attracted widespread attention. However, the development of methanol fuel cells is limited by the slow reaction kinetics of the anode methanol reaction and the susceptibility to poisoning of the metal platinum catalyst, and it is necessary to increase the platinum loading. Therefore, the number of exposed active sites and the surface structure, composition and atomic arrangement of the catalyst are very important to improve the platinum utilization rate and catalytic performance. At present, there is a large amount of research focused on exploring different transition metals and platinum to form alloys or heterostructure catalysts to modify the platinum electronic structure to achieve the purpose of reducing platinum loading and increasing platinum utilization.

3. Nano Platinum dispersion can also be used as electrochemical sensors and biosensors to detect glucose, hydrogen peroxide, formic acid and other substances.

Nano Platinum dispersionNano Platinum dispersion

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