Nano gold dispersion

Nano gold dispersion

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Nano gold dispersion in China. Colloidal gold solution is a liquid product formed by dispersing nano gold particle in a solution. Nano gold dispersion is most extensively nanomaterials for biomedical application due to their unique properties, such as rapid and simple synthesis, large surface area, strong adsorption ability and facile conjugation to various biomolecules. We can supply 20nm, 100-10000ppm content.

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Product Description

Nano gold dispersion

Nano gold dispersion, nano gold aqueous solution, dispersed with nano gold powder particles in water to form a stable and uniform solution, with a color of wine red rather than gold yellow.

Nano gold dispersion is a material made by dispersing gold particles at the nanoscale into a solution using effective dispersants. It has the following characteristics:

1. Micro particle size: Gold particles in nano gold dispersions typically have nanoscale size, which gives them excellent chemical reactivity and surface electronic properties.

2. Obvious surface enhanced Raman effect: Nanogold can enhance vibration spectral signals through surface enhanced Raman effect, used to characterize chemical molecules or trace biomarkers in organisms.

3. Special optical properties: The optical properties of gold nanoparticles exhibit significant quantum effects, and the color transition is controllable.

Nano gold dispersion

Specification of Nano gold dispersion:

Product name: Nano gold dispersion

Molecular formula: Au

Particle size: 20nm, 30-50nm, customizable

Appearance: brown red liquid

Concentration: 1000-10000PPM, or as required

Packaging: 1kg/bottle, 5kg/barrel, or as required

Application of Nano gold dispersion:

1. Biomedical field: Application of gold nanoparticles in drug delivery and cancer diagnosis.

2. Biochemical field: Application of gold nanoparticles in cell image processing and protein detection.

3. Environmental monitoring field: Application of gold nanoparticles in pollutant detection and water quality analysis.

4. In the field of electronic technology: Nano gold particles are applied to the production of electronic components and circuit boards.

Nano gold dispersionNano gold dispersion

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