High Purity Gold Nanopowder

High Purity Gold Nanopowder

SAT NANO High purity gold nanopowder refers to a form of gold that has been processed into nanoparticles with a high level of purity. The purity of gold nanopowder refers to the absence of impurities or contaminants in the material. In the context of high purity gold nanopowder, it means that the gold nanoparticles have been synthesized or processed in a way that minimizes the presence of other elements or compounds.

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Product Description

SAT NANO large -scale High Purity Gold Nanopowder manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in high purity gold powder for many years. Our products have a good price and good quality, is popular over 30 countries. We look forward to becoming your long term partner.

High Purity Gold Nanopowder

This SAT NANO high purity gold nanopowder is popular product and come with 1 year warranty.

The gold nanopowder have large surface area and high chemical reactivity. The nanometer gold powder has better optical properties because of its relatively uniform size and small particle size. Gold nanoparticles have good Biocompatibility and can be used as biomaterials in a variety of applications.

High Purity Gold Nanopowder

CAS No: 7440-57-5
ENINEC No.: 231-165-9
Color: brown powder

SAT NANO is one of the best supplier of gold nanopowder, we can offer different particle size like 20-30nm, 50nm, 100nm, Purity:99.99%,

Application of high purity gold nanopowder:

Firstly, high purity gold nanopowder exhibits excellent stability and biocompatibility, making it an ideal material for use in a wide range of life sciences applications, including diagnostic testing and drug delivery. Additionally, nanogold powder is highly conductive and exhibits unique optical properties, such as strong absorption and scattering characteristics, which make it valuable in electronics and photonics applications. Furthermore, high purity gold nanopowder can be easily functionalized or coated with a variety of materials, allowing for tailored surface properties that extend its range of applications even further. Finally, nanogold powder is relatively easy to produce and modify, making it a cost-effective alternative to other precious metals. Overall, the unique characteristics of nano gold powder make it a versatile material that can be used in a variety of fields, ranging from biomedical research to electronic engineering.

High Purity Gold NanopowderHigh Purity Gold Nanopowder

How do I put my order to buy your goods?

Please send your enquiry to our sales first, our sales with contact with you about the products. When you confirm your order, we will send our Proforma Invoice via email for you. You can pay it by bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. We will send the products by FedEx, UPS and DHL after we got the payment.

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