Dispersion and Colloidal

SAT NANO is professional China Dispersion and Colloidal manufacturer and China Dispersion and Colloidal suppliers.We have specialized in metal nanoparticle, carbide nanoparticle, oxide nanoparticle and alloy nanoparticle for 12 years and exported our products to more than 30 countries with strong technical support, good quality and services.
Nanodispersions are colloidal suspensions consisting of nanoscale particles or nanoparticles dispersed in a solvent or liquid medium. There are many types of nanodispersions that can be created, including:
1.Metal nanodispersions: these are suspensions of metal nanoparticles, such as gold, silver, or copper, dispersed in a liquid medium.
2.Polymer nanodispersions: these are suspensions of polymer nanoparticles or polymer chains in a liquid medium.
3.Ceramic nanodispersions: these are suspensions of ceramic nanoparticles in a liquid medium.
4.Carbon nanodispersions: these are suspensions of carbon nanoparticles, such as graphene or carbon nanotubes, in a liquid medium.
5.Lipid nanodispersions: these are suspensions of lipid nanoparticles, which may have applications in drug delivery and in cosmetic products.
Nanodispersions have many potential applications in various fields, such as in catalysis, biomedical engineering, and electronic materials. They have unique physical and chemical properties due to their small size, which can be tailored and optimized for specific applications.
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  • SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of silver dispersion in China. Silver dispersion is a liquid product formed by dispersing nanoscale silver particle in a solution. It can be widely used in health care, daily necessities, ceramics, textile and plastic products and other fields. We can supply 300ppm, 500ppm, 1000ppm, 2000ppm, 5000ppm, 10000ppm.

  • SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Titanium dioxide dispersion in China. Titanium dioxide dispersion is a liquid product formed by dispersing nanoscale titanium dioxide particles in a solution.

  • High quality Antimony Tin Oxide Dispersion is offered by China manufacturer SAT NANO. Buy Antimony Tin Oxide Dispersion which is of high quality directly with low price.And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

  • Aluminum oxide dispersions have high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. In the form of dispersions, they are commonly used in abrasive applications, such as polishing, grinding, and surface finishing of metals, ceramics, and other materials.

  • This SAT NANO zinc oxide dispersion is popular product over 30 countries and come with 1 year warranty. Nano zinc oxide dispersion liquid is a kind of colloidal suspension containing nano zinc oxide particles uniformly dispersed in a liquid medium. Nano zinc oxide dispersions have unique properties such as high surface area to volume ratio, good transparency, stability, and excellent UV absorption properties.

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