Chromium disilicide powder

Chromium disilicide powder

SAT NANO is an excellent manufacturer of Chromium disilicide powder in China. Chromium disilicide powder is characterized by high temperature stability, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, Moderate hardness and Electrical conductivity. The Chromium disilicide powder produced by SAT NAO is best-selling in various countries around the world.

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Product Description

Chromium disilicide powder

Chromium disilicide powder, also known as CrSi2 powder, possesses the following characteristics. Chromium disilicide exhibits excellent thermal stability, making it capable of withstanding high temperatures without melting or oxidizing easily. Chromium disilicide has a moderate hardness level, making it suitable for various applications where a balance between hardness and other properties is required.

Chromium disilicide powder

Specification of Chromium disilicide powder:

Part No. Particle Purity
Bulk density
Crystal Color
HP2414B-10U 5-10um 99.5 34 1.4 5.5 square prismatic black

Note: We can supply different size products of Chromium disilicide powder according to client's requirements.

Application of Chromium disilicide powder:

1.Heating elements: Due to its high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance, chromium disilicide powder is utilized in the manufacturing of heating elements for industrial furnaces, electrical resistance heaters, and other high-temperature heating devices.

2.Thermal barrier coatings: Chromium disilicide powder can be used in the production of thermal barrier coatings, which provide protection against thermal oxidation and corrosion in high-temperature applications, such as gas turbine engines.

3.Ceramic materials: Chromium disilicide powder is utilized in the fabrication of advanced ceramic materials, including refractories, ceramics for cutting tools, and structural ceramics. Its high-temperature stability and moderate hardness contribute to the mechanical properties of these materials.

4.Additive manufacturing: Chromium disilicide powder is employed in additive manufacturing processes, such as powder bed fusion or selective laser melting, to produce components with high-temperature stability and good electrical conductivity.

5.Coatings and surface treatments: Chromium disilicide powder can be used in coatings and surface treatments to enhance the corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance of various materials.

Chromium disilicide powderChromium disilicide powder

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Please send your enquiry to our sales first, our sales will contact with you about the products. When you confirm your order, we will send our Proforma Invoice via email for you. You can pay it by bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. We will send the products by FedEx, UPS and DHL after we got the payment.

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