Boron Nitride Whisker Powder

Boron Nitride Whisker Powder

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Boron Nitride Whisker Powder. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

SAT NANO is a professional manufacturer of Boron nitride whisker powder in China. We have been specialized in providing Boron nitride whisker powder for many years, and our products are sold all over the world. Boron nitride whisker powder has high quality, uniform particle size and is easy to disperse, which is popular with customers.

Boron Nitride Whisker Powder

This SAT NANO Boron nitride whisker powder is popular product over 30 countries and come with 1 year warranty. Nano boron nitride whisker powder is a type of nanomaterial composed of boron and nitrogen elements. It possesses unique physical and chemical properties, including high hardness and wear resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and high-temperature stability. It is an inert material and has excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in various industrial and research applications.

Some of the key features of the nano boron nitride whisker powder are:

1. High hardness and wear resistance - it has one of the highest hardness values of all ceramics, and its excellent wear resistance makes it ideal for industrial use.

2. High thermal conductivity - it is a highly effective thermal conductor at high temperatures.

3. High-temperature stability - it is extremely stable at high temperatures and is suitable for use in harsh high-temperature environments.

4. Chemical inertness - it exhibits a high resistance to chemical reactions and is therefore useful for applications that require stability in harsh chemical environments.

Boron Nitride Whisker Powder

Specification of Boron nitride whisker powder :

ITEM Min Max
BN% 98% 99.3%
BET 7.00m2/g 10.00m2/g
C% - 0.1%
Diameter 1um 10um
Length 5um 200um
O% 0.6% 1.5%
Bulk density 0.37g/cm3 0.8g/cm3
B2O3% - 1.0%

Application of Boron nitride whisker powder :

1. High-performance ceramics - due to its high hardness, wear resistance, and high-temperature stability, it is an ideal material for use in high-performance ceramic components used in aerospace, defense, and other industries.

2. Thermal management - due to its high thermal conductivity, it is commonly used for thermal management in electronic devices, power generation systems, and other high-temperature applications.

3. High-strength concrete reinforcement - it is suitable for use as a reinforcement in high-strength concrete, as it can significantly improve the strength and durability of concrete.

4. Biomedical and chemical applications - due to its inertness and biocompatibility, nano boron nitride whisker powder has potential applications in biomedical and chemical fields such as implant coatings, biosensors, and drug delivery systems.

Boron Nitride Whisker PowderBoron Nitride Whisker Powder

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